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What does Power-Flow do?

Power-Flow International designs, engineers, assembles, exports, sells and distributes onshore oil & gas field production equipment from leading U.S. manufacturers to International customers. Since 1977, Power-Flow has specialized to bring customers unique, personal attention and outstanding service. Our manufacturers benefit in partnership, gaining access to a large, International market.


Reciprocating Pump Packages

Power-Flow designs, engineers, and assembles reciprocating pump systems. These pump packages are high-pressure systems that typically perform at 1000 psi and higher. They are built to application specs, including but not limited to specified pressure requirements and gallons-per-minute rates. Start-up and Commissioning Power-Flow can service your pump package in the field, and offer …


Artificial Lift Equipment

Power-Flow has grown to be a leading supplier of production equipment to the onshore, International gas and oil production industry. Power-Flow also supplies equipment necessary for Prime movers (gas & diesel engines, electric motors), Christmas Tree Parts, Oil & Gas Separators, Polished Rods, Sucker Rods etc.


Export Sales & Distribution

Equipment manufacturers have a valuable export sales and distribution partnership with Power-Flow International. We specialize in oversize freight to International destinations: air freight, ocean freight, rail or over-the-road transport. We manage the packing and crating, letters of credit, duties and tariffs, customs, legalization and regulatory matters – from departure to destination.


Arrow Natural Gas Compressor

The Arrow Natural Gas Compressor design is exactly the same as the ‘Ariel Compressor’ which many in the industry may be familiar with. The parts between Arrow and Ariel compressors are interchangeable but the Arrow has a much lower cost and better delivery service.

Unlike most compressor manufacturers who use other engine manufacturers for construction,  Arrow have their own natural gas engines and packages so all work is done in-house.

When you choose an Arrow Natural Gas Compressor, you are assured of a “one stop shop”

Arrow Natural Gas Compressor

Direct Service from the Manufacturer

At Bayliss Energy, our exceptional service has sustained us over 66 years and a testament to our integrity which our suppliers value. The companies we represent: e.g. Freudenberg Oil & Gas and Wellhead Services Inc are the Manufacturers of the products we promote so when you deal with Bayliss Energy, you will have direct access to the manufacturers for technical queries, order processing etc.

In The case of Power-Flow International, they represent several high-quality American manufacturers who use Power-Flow as their international arm. Through Power-Flow you get the same service as going direct, with the added advantage of their packaging and freight forwarding of required equipment. We have been involved with Power-Flow for nearly 40 years.

We believe this to be the most efficient and streamlined approach to meeting the needs of today's Oil & Gas Industry.

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