Representing the Finest in Energy Equipment

As the oldest established oil industry supply company in Australia, Bayliss Energy represents a range of quality equipment manufacturers all of whom are specialists in their field of expertise.

Since 1954, we have evolved to suit the industry’s ever-changing requirements. Today we offer a DIRECT service to our manufacturers to eliminate double handling of both inquiries and orders. You, the customer, can converse direct with the best personnel to help you with your technical queries.


Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies

The Freudenberg Group established Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies to leverage its years of experience and innovation in sealing technology to provide differentiated seal products for demanding energy applications


Power-Flow International Inc

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Wellhead Systems Inc

Wellhead Systems Inc., corporate offices and manufacturing is in Hill City, Kansas. WSI has been manufacturing products to serve the oil and gas industry for over 30 years and have over 125 years of experienced personnel knowledge.


Direct Service from the Manufacturer

At Bayliss Energy, our exceptional service has sustained us over 66 years and a testament to our integrity which our suppliers value. The companies we represent: e.g. Freudenberg Oil & Gas and Wellhead Services Inc are the Manufacturers of the products we promote so when you deal with Bayliss Energy, you will have direct access to the manufacturers for technical queries, order processing etc.

In The case of Power-Flow International, they represent several high-quality American manufacturers who use Power-Flow as their international arm. Through Power-Flow you get the same service as going direct, with the added advantage of their packaging and freight forwarding of required equipment. We have been involved with Power-Flow for nearly 40 years.

We believe this to be the most efficient and streamlined approach to meeting the needs of today's Oil & Gas Industry.

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