Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies

What does Freudenberg do?

The Freudenberg Group established Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies to leverage its years of experience and innovation in sealing technology to provide differentiated seal products for demanding energy applications. Today Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies is a global provider of innovative sealing solutions and products to the upstream oil and gas industry. We provide a full range of solutions that include elastomeric seals, engineered thermoplastic seals, metal seal rings and connector solutions for demanding offshore and subsea applications, along with gaskets and packing sets. We utilize our Materials Development and Product Testing Lab to develop and perform in-house analysis for our solutions and proprietary customer projects.

Our engineer-designed products and custom solutions have been implemented in many demanding market segments, including:

  • Drilling/BOP (pressure control) products
  • Offshore oil & gas platforms
  • FPSOs
  • Flowlines and subsea installations
  • Wellhead products
  • Downhole/completions products
  • Fracturing services
  • Well workover equipment

Browse through the FOGT brochures to familiarise yourself with the vast array of seals and solutions we have for you then contact us via the form attached to our website so we can contact you to discuss your particular needs.

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