Power-Flow International Inc.

What does Power-Flow do?

Power-Flow International designs, engineers, assembles, exports, sells and distributes onshore oil & gas field production equipment from leading U.S. manufacturers to International customers. Since 1977, Power-Flow has specialized to bring customers unique, personal attention and outstanding service. Our manufacturers benefit in partnership, gaining access to a large, International market.

Reciprocating Pump Packages

Power-Flow designs, engineers, and assembles reciprocating pump systems.  These pump packages are high-pressure systems that typically perform at 1000 psi and higher.  They are built to application specs, including but not limited to specified pressure requirements and gallons-per-minute rates. Start-up and Commissioning Power-Flow can service your pump package in the field, and offer …

Artificial Lift Equipment

Power-Flow has grown to be a leading supplier of production equipment to the onshore, International gas and oil production industry. Power-Flow also supplies equipment necessary for Prime movers (gas & diesel engines, electric motors), Christmas Tree Parts, Oil & Gas Separators, Polished Rods, Sucker Rods etc.

Export Sales & Distribution

Equipment manufacturers have a valuable export sales and distribution partnership with Power-Flow International. We specialize in oversize freight to International destinations: air freight, ocean freight, rail or over-the-road transport. We manage the packing and crating, letters of credit, duties and tariffs, customs, legalization and regulatory matters – from departure to destination.

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